Export Buyer’s Credit

Finance the safe export of technology, machinery and capital goods with export buyer’s credit from Komerční banka Slovakia

we will cover your export receivables as soon as export takes place

your foreign client can thus gain access to goods or services of European quality with financing at European financial market prices

the credit will not be a burden on your balance sheet because the debtor will be the foreign buyer or their bank

Export buyer’s credit from Komerční banka Slovakia

  • can be used to finance the export of technology, machinery, and capital goods originating mainly in the Slovak Republic,
  • can finance up to 85% of the value of the export contract,
  • typically has a maturity period of over one year,
  • is provided to the foreign buyer (direct export buyer’s credit) or their bank (indirect export buyer’s credit),
  • is typically insured by the Export - Import Bank of the Slovak Republic (EXIMBANKA SR). Credit for larger export transactions can also be insured through a commercial insurance company in the contract portfolio of Société Générale.

Conditions for obtaining export buyer’s credit

  • an export contract with a foreign buyer,
  • insurance from EXIMBANKA SR or a commercial insurance company covering 95% of the principal of the provided credit,
  • in the case of insurance by EXIMBANKA SR, part of the value of the export contract (goods and services) must originate in the Slovak Republic. The necessary value depends on the specific business case and assessment by EXIMBANKA SR,
  • usually, the foreign buyer must pay at least 15% of the value of the export contract as an advance payment before export. This does not apply if the total repayment period is less than two years,
  • the whole business case, all participating entities, and the territory where they are based, must comply with the sanctions and embargo policies of Société Générale.