Foreign Investment Financing

Get insured financing for your foreign investments with us

you can obtain funds for investment in countries with limited local financing opportunities

you can save interest costs compared to interest rates in certain foreign currencies

the risk is spread between us, the investor and EXIMBANKA SR

insurance from EXIMBANKA SR will cover your financing up to 95% for commercial risks and up to 97.5% for non-commercial risks

Foreign investment financing from Komerční banka Slovakia

  • supports Slovak firms operating abroad or expanding their business with foreign companies,
  • can be used to finance the operating costs of foreign investments,
  • requires that at least 15% of the total volume is financed from own funds,
  • must comply with the sanctions and embargo policies of Société Générale,
  • is typically insured by the Export - Import Bank of the Slovak Republic (EXIMBANKA SR). Credit for larger foreign investments can also be insured through a commercial insurance company in the contract portfolio of Société Générale.

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