Working capital financing

Cover any fluctuations in your working capital with working capital financing from Komerční banka Slovakia

maturity up to 12 months, or indefinitely with a notice period

committed and uncommitted financing options are available

loans in various currencies

loans can be drawn repeatedly

Here are some of the ways you might use working capital financing from Komerční banka Slovakia

  • covering a temporary shortfall in funds,

  • financing of your trade receivables,

  • financing of inventory or materials necessary for your business activity.



Secure yourself against cashflow fluctuations with an overdraft loan from Komerční banka Slovakia. 

Main benefits:

  • respond flexibly to short-term fluctuations in your company’s cash flow,
  • draw credit only in the amount that you currently need,
  • pay interest only for the days when credit is drawn,
  • an overdraft is defined as a permitted amount by which the client’s current account can be overdrawn,
  • the loan is repaid automatically from incoming payments.
Short-term loans and revolving loans

Short-term loans and revolving loans

Gain access to a flexible source of funds with a short-term loan from Komerční banka Slovakia.

Main benefits:

  • utilise just once or repeatedly,
  • draw and repay credit according to your current needs,
  • respond promptly to fluctuations in financial flows,
  • pay interest only on the amount you actually use,
  • get finance against (future) receivables.
Global credit line

Global credit line

Use a combination of several credit products under a single limit with a global credit line.

Main benefits:

  • use a single contract to manage several products – overdraft, revolving loan, bank guarantees and documentary letters of credit,
  • use various products flexibly with an overall agreed limit,
  • draw funds according to your current needs.